DAY is a unit of time. It is defined as 86 400 seconds. 

DAY has several different spans of time based on the rotation of the Earth around its axis.


Within these spans DAY often inhabits and activates the spaces. DAY uses them as a tool to reflect on space as such as well as a current social environment and to let go coded behaviours.  Work of DAY is crossing boundaries of a maker and a viewer and draws new interpersonal relations. It’s intention is to challenge thoughts and emotions by creating physical, mental and spacial experience. 


Dorota Radzimirska and Yulia Ratman  graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2016. For all three it is a second BA degree, with a background in social and cultural sciences and graphic design.

Their individual artistic practices are based in Amsterdam and combine live works, moving image and cared forms. A mutual interest in performing arts, conscious approach in using materials and curiosity in trespassing social boundaries lead them to establish an art collective DAY.