PiCMAT paintings are the outcome of PiCMAT social ritual that took place in Bos en Lommerplein 148 (temporary art space) and in Van Eesteren Museum. These are the woven paintings made from unnecessary plastic bags brought to us by people. During their creation, brands on bags dissolve and transform into the abstract tactile image. There, the colours, forms, patterns and words from brands become a new visual form. PiCMAT paintings have a size of a personal space and are made by many people. The paintings into the functional objects in the performance Nomadic Picnic where they are used for creating the space.
 PiCMAT is a social ritual that took place in Bos en Lommerplein 148 and in Van Eesteren museum. People could join by bringing unnecessary plastic bags / creating threads / weaving (learning and teaching others) / sharing stories / observing. The participants were welcome to sit at the loom and to make as many lines as they wanted, together with someone or on their own. It was the time and space for meeting, slowing down and experiencing the current moment in the urban rapid environment. PiCMAT is opposing rush, mass production and labour where delivering a product is the essence. The project crosses the boundaries of a maker and a viewer and draws new interpersonal relations.
 Blue Red Rocker  The performance derives from the work of Ellsworth Kelly "Blue Red Rocker". According to the artist his sculptures start from the painting and continue in the space. Our performance is the continuation of the sculpture in movement. This is the physical research on balance and support between performers, between performers and space and performers and viewers. The important aspect of the narrative is transformation of energy and speed from rush to calmness.
 Photos by Justina Nekrašaitė