2018 - 2019 ( 30 November- 5 May ) -- PiCMAT, Rijke Eenvoud , Van Eesteren museum

2018 (18 October) -- Nomadic Picnic participatory performance, (supported by AFK, De Appel), De Appel

2018 (12th,13th October) -- Nomadic Picnic,
participatory performance, (supported by AFK), Van Eesteren museum

2018 ( 16th August) -- Nomadic Picnic, participatory performance, (supported by AFK), Mediamatic

2018 ( 11th August) -- -- Nomadic Picnic, participatory performance, (supported by AFK), Vondel CS

2018 (22nd July) -- Nomadic Picnic, (supported by AFK), Van Eesteren museum

2018 (24th June) -- PiCMAT, Fashion inside out, WOW

2018 (1-3rd June) Nomadic Picnic, (supported by AFK), Neverneverland

2018 (5th May) --- Nomadic Picnic, (supported by AFK, 4 en 5 Mei Amsterdam, Odin) Cascoland

2018 (19th May) -- PiCMAT at Plastic Awareness Day, Operatie Bos en Lommer Plein

2018-17 (Sept-May) PiCMAT, socially engaged art project, Cascoland, Amsterdam, NL (supported by Amsterdammers Maak Je Stad),

2017 (November) The Mountain, performance & video, Museum night, de Appel

2017 (May-October) Upcycling creative workshops with kids in Bos en Lommer in collaboration with Vooruit and Cascoland. Upcycling project for the opening of Bos en Lommer School

2017 (May) ---- “Blue Red Rocker” performance, Living Museum, Stedelijk, Amsterdam, NL

2017 (April) --- Opening of DAY collective, Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam, NL

2015 (March) --- Fleeting Eternity performance (Dorota & Yulia), De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2015 (April) ---- Skinship, performance EYE on Art: Magnify – Magnifying, The EYE museum, Amsterdam, NL




2016 (July) ----- Dorota & Yulia graduated from Video and Audio Visuel, Gerrit Riet- veld Academy, Amsterdam

Dorota Radzimirska
2010-2005 -  Master Degree of science–Social and cultural studies and multi- cultural education), Warsaw University, Poland

Yulia Ratman
2011-2007 - BA (hons) Graphic Design & Illustration, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom